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Hi Allen and welcome to the forum. No need to rush out and buy some kit,just take your time and breath it all in. There are plenty of people over on the beginner's sections to help advise you on kit when the time is right for you.

Clear skies and enjoy the forum


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You sound much more sensible than I am! Used will get you something better for your money, if you trust the seller. All I'd say at this point is that I got a 130 Newtonian and very quickly wanted a 200. Get the biggest aperture you can afford but bear in mind that you'll probably end up buying extra eyepieces, like most of us do when we find out how poor the original supplied items are.

From this point of view, second hand could be even more of a bargain if someone is selling good quality eyepieces and other goodies with the scope.

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Hi, total newbie and i have no idea !! I have always been interested in the stars and my girlfriend has brought home a huge telescope from an auction. all i know about is its an Aspen. The bracket on the top of the tripod is broken so i am unable to attach the telescope to the tripod. I am unable to locate what sort of bracket/part i need . We have no shops at all in the local area. i am really keen to get started and would appreciate any help at all. we all have to start some where and this looked like the place. many thanks for any help you may be able to give me

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