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Hello from West Sussex

Steve Seymour

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Hi everyone

My name is Steve and just joined this evening, I've always been into astronomy but it's always been in the back ground. It seems that my interest gets stronger this time of the year, maybe to do with there being more interesting things to look at.

I have a Meade ETX-80 telescope with which the Autostar has packed up and the internal Barlow lense  flip mechanism has jammed. I'm saving up for a scope at the moment and looking to get either the Skywatcher Skyliner 200p or the 250px.

I'll probably ask for advice later on on those scopes but for now, just wanted to say hi


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Welcome Steve.

Either of these scopes will serve you extremely well for visual observing.  A ten inch is better if you can manage to move it around easily.  If you can, go somewhere where you can see them side by side and compare the sizes and weights.  I'd suggest you stick to one of these as a first choice, if you never choose to go to the dark side that is astro photography either could be all you ever need.  :grin:

By the way, don't be put off if people tell they are difficult to follow planets with.  It isn't true unless you have a total lack of coordination  With a little practice you will manage this very easily without even thinking about it.

A drive system is nice, but it's certainly not essential.  Some people manage perfectly well without one

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Welcome to SGL  :)

If your just interested in observing then the 200P and 250 are fantastic Dobsonians and you cant go wrong with them but if Astrophotography interests you at all then dont go for the Dob but get the same scope on an EQ mount.

See you around.


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