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New scope - new signature...


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I just set it up on the drive in front of the house to view Jupiter - absolutely superb :-)

Did a quick star test and I'm pretty sure the collimation is ok as well - will need to check again

The clouds showed up and that was it but what a blast.

I bought this scope after owning a C10n and a C8n (driven - non goto)

Replacing the was an opportunity to spend the extra money on a really good goto mount and portability benefits.

It paid off - big time - the OTA is really light, as is the new VX mount. Set up is  a piece of cake - they've finally put index marks on the mount to get you close to home position to start off.

I didn't try the polar and star alignment routines (rushing to see something before it clouded over) but this was another selling point - very easy.

It also means I don't have to tear down the observatory to extract the monster NEQ6 every time I go to Kelling :-) 

I'm sure this mount will take the Altair 115 ED for imaging so I can do both observing now with C8 if it's partly cloudy and image the night away if it isn't.

It'll be interesting to see how the auto-guiding performs

Great scope guys - very portable and the VX mount is fantastic.


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