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Dalby Forest Starfest 2014 (Aug 22nd-24th) organised by Scarborough & Ryedale AS


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  • 2 weeks later...

Andy I am not getting there until Saturday. is it possible to put me with the Sunderland "LOT" 

Hi Michael.

Paul has asked me the same question on Facebook.  When the first SAS member arrives, if they let us know how many pitches you require and we can try and place you all in the same locality. 

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We are now sold out!

Anyone who has booked should have received an email confirmation and passes / tickets through the post.  

Andy, when we arrive on Saturday, will it be a case of finding whatever space is left available, also i guess we can park the car on the pitch so to speak

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Andy, when we arrive on Saturday, will it be a case of finding whatever space is left available, also i guess we can park the car on the pitch so to speak

Hi Jules if you are not with any group you are more than welcome to join the Sunderland Enclave. 

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Yes forecast at the moment looks OK in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Forecast has been improving through the week so hopefully some longer periods of clear skies will occur.

Just got back from a day up there today and around half of the pitches are already occupied so hope those up there tonight get some good gaps between the showers forecast.

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Not long now, im hoping to image this comet, if any one wants to offer advice i will be happy to listen, i will be using 1000d at prime focus with 150p ds newt

There will be plenty of people to ask when you get here Jules for advice.  I would recommend seeking out Juergen and Keith as their results from Dalby are always top notch.

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Any directions on how to get to the star fest?  :grin:

Hi Jules.

Easiest way is to enter Dalby Forest from the village of Thornton le Dale located on the A170 between Pickering and Scarborough.  Dalby along with RAF Fylingdales are signposted on brown signs.  As you enter the forest you will start to see yellow signage for Starfest.  The signage continues along the forest drive for around 4 miles until you reach Adderstone Field on your left hand side.

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Got back home today from Dalby Starfest. Firstly a big thanks to the Organisers-as always professionally done. Secondly a big thanks to the weather. Despite some (heavy at times) rain the two nights i was there there were stars around.especially Saturday. Milky way Andromeda double cluster all Naked eye visibility. Last night it was clear until about midnight but Saturday it was Particularly clear from Midnight. Dew was a problem with it registering about 98%.

Then In no particular order

The quiz was a good laugh with SAS+guests (Sunderland Astro Society) being pipped at the post on the last round-congratulations to the worthy winners.

Myself winning the first choice of prizes on the raffle-Thank to Brian at Astroparts for the dovetail that is now going on my Skywatcher Adventurer.

Thanks to the uninvited guests that enabled us all to be blinded when the police arrived.

Meeting old friends and making new ones.

Skywatcher have a big !!!!!!!!!!!!!! from me-one of the legs on my Skywatcher pier sheared meaning no visual observing with my C11-BIG dummy spit out time when that happened-nearly went home Sunday but glad I did not.

The new NEQ6 wedge kept slipping before the leg broke-THAT is an issue I thought I had resolved by getting the wedge but I am checking It out for user error before I start contacting the manufacturer.

Conversely Skywatcher have a big Thumbs up from me with the Adventurer-Fay if you read this I am more than happy with it.

Lastly none Astro related thanks go to

Thornton le Dale for the scarecrow competition-I recognised a lot of my friends  :p

and the Rocket competition (risk assessment compliant) More competitive than ever-saw the first Meercat launched into space. Neil I WANT your helicopter thing-most impressive-post some pictures that you got from it.

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Id like to say a big thank you to all the organisers too, an excellent event wuth great company. Saturday night seemed to be the best night and although not being as crystal clear as it was last year I still managed to observe til 6am when neil in the tent next to me managed to get a shot of venus, juoiter and the moon at just 2% illumination , making the early morning finish worth while.

The highlight for me was seeing the veil nebula with an oiii filter, ive never used one and despite always being sceptical about the benefits of filters when the chap next along the row to me lent be his oiii to try out I coukdnt believe the difference it made ..... so that's getting added to my shopping list.

And finally thanks to andy in the van opposite who made a welcome brew to warm us up in the middle of the night and rustled up a bacon sarnie on sunday which saved me from having to sort out lunch before setting off home.

Another fab starfest and already looking towards next year.


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We had a great time too (though a warmer sleeping bag is top of my shopping list). It was our first astro camp and we're looking forward to coming next year. It was a great atmosphere :) and we got to see the milky way for the first time.

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As organisers we are very happy to see the masses of positive comments for the camp this year starting to come through on here and via Facebook and Twitter.  Always pleasing to have the clear skies and to know that the activities we put together are well received.  Neil and Andys impromptu game of Kubb on the Saturday evening (something new on probably 98% of people at Starfest) was certainly a first for us in Dalby but can see a repeat next year!  Anyone unsure on the game Kubb, please see the British Kubb Players Association website I came across this morning (http://www.kubbuk.org/index.htm).

As website admin for SARAS we will be putting together some galleries in the next few days.  If anyone has any images of the weekend, the various activities and results from imaging, please do share with us.  All images used on the website, as other years will all be credited to the source.  These can be emailed to myself at saras.secretary@gmail.com .

Next years sees the 15th annual Starfest that will also coincide with the 40th year of the society.  So any ideas on something a little special will be happily received as we start planning.

Hope to see you all returning for #DalbyStarfest15.  Dates for your diaries is Friday 14th - Sunday 16th August.  Once again Thursday arrival will be possible for a small additional fee.  Booking will open us usual in early January.  Those who have attended any of the past 3 Starfests will receive a booking form via email, assuming the email address you used to book for Starfest is still valid.

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Once again a really successful star party. A big thanks to the organisers.

This has to be the most laid back, friendly, and dark star party on the calendar.

I await my 2015 booking form :)


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      Hello everyone,
      I'm Jonny and I live in Farnborough in Hampshire, UK.
      My friend and I are taking our first baby-steps into night sky photography so I'm here for all the help I can get.
      We're just starting out so our equipment is very basic, but I'm sure the more we get into this the more we will upgrade over time.
      Currently our set up consists of:
      Home-made Motorised Barn Door Tracker (my friend is an engineer)
      Canon 1100D with an 18-55mm Lens
      Laptop with BackyardEOS
      We took everything out for it's first test-drive last week and the tracker works really well. Even on very long exposures the stars remain as points and not trails so we were really pleased with how it performed.
      I've attached what was probably our most successful picture of the evening. It' not amazing, but it's a start.
      I would really love to get some photos of the Milky Way and I'm hoping you all could suggest some settings to use, imaging techniques to try out and equipment upgrades? We're on a bit of a budget but we have photographer friends from whom we can beg and borrow equipment.
      Looking forward to chatting with you all in time.

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      Hi all,
      Newbie to the forum but I just wanted to share some shots with you that I managed to get over the weekend. Got the Milky Way and even a few of NEOWISE which was amazing to witness 😊
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      NEOWISE Landscape shot - Single exposure, 8 seconds, 16mm, F/2.8, ISO 800
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      For a first real attempt, I'm pretty pleased with them but obviously, I have a lot more to learn! 

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      Wide angle shot of Milky Way in Cygnus. 10 min total (4 subs of 2.5 min each) at ISO 100. Nikon D3200 with kit lens at 18mm (f/5.6). Tracking on a skywatcher 150p EQ3-2 mount - no guiding.
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      I currently am on holiday in my father's hometown, a small island near rhodes called symi.Symj, is a pretty small town,with only about 2000 residents.That means that the light pollution levels must be low. Acknowledging that, i called my friends, grabbed my 10x50 bins(that i got for 20€ from Turkey),and went on my way to find a dark site.About after 20 mins of walking (from the city),i stumbled upon a beach, it was dark, so i went in.There i decided to lay on a sunbed that was there.After looking up(not being dark adapted, my friends just kept turning their flashlights on for some reason), i saw the haze of the milky way stretching from Cassiopeia to cygnus and beyond!I was amazed as i ve never seen the milky way before and smudged it off as clouds until i confirmed it was the milky way from an app! The weird part was that at just straight overhead, was the port ,which had many lights, and as a result the sky appeared half bright and half dark. I turned over at Sagittarius and headed over the lagoon nebula. Brilliant! 3-4 stars in a line surrounded by bright nebulosity.(while still being in the haze!) Afterwards i headed to cygnus,it was a real light show! I saw the milky way layering on top of Cygnus while catching a glimpse of m23 and yet again, failing to see NGC7000 . Then, with the corner of my eye, i detected something moving, then turned over to Cassiopeia to see a shooting stsr!(it was my first time seeing one!!!) Was very brief, yet enjoyable. Right afterwards i turned over at the Perseus double cluster.Magnificent! Appeared as 2 small balls of light , almost connected yo eachother. Finally, i realised that finally, the target i was seeking to observe all year long, M31 was into the area with the light pollution! What a shame! While also being low on the Horizon, I couldnt see it with the naked eye. I observed it with ny binoculars for 10 minutes or so . The core was resolved nicely with some hints of outer nebulosity. Overall a great night and now, i wished i had my 8" dob with me....
      (Sorry for any granmar mistakes, im currently typing this at 2 am xD)
    • By Matty_C
      Hello all,
      I have just joined and have been looking around, and putting in various searches to find the answer to my question(s).
      I have already found some valuable information, but i can't find a specific answer to a question i have relating to exposure times.
      I have shot the milky way several times before, from a tripod and a wide angle lens. I am aware of and understand the "500 rule" and that worked fine for me at first when i was shooting with my Canon 6D Mark II. When i moved over to the Sony A7III i noticed significant trailing using the same rule and that led me to the NPF rule (Via the photopills app incase people dot know).
      I am heading back to Tenerife once again in about 6 weeks time and want to buy a star tracker so i can get some really detailed images.
      I have done a fair bit of research and in principle, the whole thing doesn't seem to be too daunting or difficult.
      I have purchased the Polar Scope Align Pro app so i can align Polaris as accurately as possible, i will practise putting the unit together and familiarising myself with the different parts etc, but it is the exposure times that i do not understand.
      My best glass is the Carl Ziess 50mm F/1.4 Planar, the 18mm F/2.8 Batis, the Sigma 35mm F/1.4 Art & the IRIX 15mm F/2.4 Blackstone.
      I currently do not own, nor have i ever used a tracker, and I cannot find any information relating to which aperture, ISO and Shutter length any of these focal lengths should or could be shot at.
      Is there anything similar to the 500 rule or NPF rule that relates to using a tracker with varied focal lengths? or is it just a case of stepping the lens down for sharpness and then trial and error?
      Thanks in advance,
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