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Hi from Staffordshire Moorlands

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Hi everyone. My names Lisa and I currently live in a little place called Bottomhouse in Staffordshire (about 6 mins drive from Alton Towers Theme Park).

I live with my partner Dave on our farm, which is good as it is at the top of the hill above all city lights. When the clouds do clear, we do get some pretty good dark skies (being on the edge of the Peak District). 

I try to use my Skywatcher telescope as often as I can and we try to take it away with us as often as possible. My next step is astro photography with a CCD camera, I currently use my smart phone attached to my telescope. Not bad images but I want to expand.

I am currently trying to persuade Dave to go to Jordan next year on an astronomy tour holiday (fingers crossed).

Anyway enough of me rambling on, speak to you all soon.


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Hi Lisa and welcome to SGL, you obviously have a nice viewing venue with your farm. As you have a mind to expand into Astro photography in the near future, a copy of Steve Richards book "Making Every Photon Count", see FLO top of page, is an invaluable tool and comes highly recommended by our imaging members, enjoy :)

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Hi Lisa Welcome to SGL  :smiley:,  I too am about to embark with astro photography using my 6" refractor scope, Just waiting for parts to build my own goto system for the scope, Then Download all the software to run it all, Then another learning curve to master how to use it :confused:, 

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Welcome to SGL Lisa - Sounds like you have a very enviable position with regards the night sky! If you fancy trying AP then the book already mentioned 'Making Every Photon Count' is an excellent read. Also if you pop into the imaging section you can really get a feel for the sorts of images people are taking and what kit they are using. CCD imaging is the very best way to squeeze the maximum from the sky, and in my opinion mono is the way to go. There's a great pick of CCD camera's out there, if you go for mono don't forget to factor in the cost of a filter wheel and filters.

Look forward to seeing you around and hope you get on that holiday :smiley:

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