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bright supernova in M82 (mag 11.7)

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Caught this last night from Dublin. Got 3 subs before clouds rolled in. Didnt know  about the SN at the time  Delighted.

Caught early of course in this poplular target,  this should be one of the brightest sn for some time. Could  this be the first sn recorded by amateurs with medium/high resolution spectroscopy?  (noth

Discovered on my birthday too, now that would be a nice present IF the weather clears

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I have a skywatcher 90 ....

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Depending on your skies I think you'll struggle unless it does brighten significantly. Last night I just got it in a very good 106mm refractor with the dimmest naked eye star at mag 4.2. If you were under mag 5.5 or better skies you might get it but it's tough for a new observer.

It is predicted to brighten so perhaps it will be easier in a few days or a week. Keep an eye on the forum


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Here my quickie RO spectrum from tonight in 30s via Lodestar-M on 30cm f/3.3 SCT binned 2x2 and rescaled with 2D profile via AstroArt  - there's a hint of H-alpha for M82 core so maybe 'dip' is Si - more images to stack tomorrow :police:


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I am using a 300 grating with my Lhitres III what exposure time do you advise.


Hi Jack,

Paolo  used 23 x 6 min exposure for his latest spectrum with the LHIRES and a 150 grating but he was complaining of very poor 6 arcsec seeing 


All things being equaly you would need ~ double the exposure for the 300 grating to get the same SNR,  but the exposure will depend on your aperture, focal length, seeing and  the slit width.  

 I think with my LHIRES setup I would use a 35um slit and 10 or perhaps 20 min subs and sum enough to get a good SNR 



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