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Olympus E510


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Assuming that you mean for Astrophotography, I've not used the E510 but have tried an Olympus E420 body with both Mak and ED80. Due to the size it's relatively light so balances easily and puts less load on the mount. Trouble is I've found the 4/3rds chip very noisy in this and it's bigger sibling the E620, whether doing AP or "normal" photography. Yet to come across anyone who has modded one for AP. The sensor size can have benefits though as it may only get the clearest bit of the light cone and avoid aberrations towards the edge of the field.

Most seem to use Canon or Nikon. I guess there's a reason for that.

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Thanks for the reply Mak One - yes it is for AP.

I guess most use a Canon or Nikon because they are probably more common than Olympus cameras in general.

I'll give it a go and see what results I get!

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