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Hello from Preston UK


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I've been lurking on the forum for quite a while and taking in the wealth of knowledge on here so I decided it was time to say hello.

I'm Mike from Preston, UK.  I have had a Skywatcher Heritage 130 since March 2013 and have tried to get out regularly each month with it.  I have bought a few new EPs since then (BST 8mm and Maxview 24mm), learned the dark art of collimation and made myself a shroud/ rudimentary dew shield using a black yoga mat :)

I'm particularly fond of viewing the gas giants, open/globular clusters and the orion nebula.  The faintest fuzzy object that I have spotted so far has been the triangulum galaxy while on holiday in Cumbria.  Andromeda has eluded me so far but I will be giving that another try while its cold and dark.

This year I'm hoping to purchase a more grab-n-go style telescope in the form of a wide-field refractor with a photographic tripod and then eventually branch out to solar astronomy with a filter for it and maybe even some imaging with a different mount + camera.

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The edges of Preston aren't too bad for LP. Its better than the centre of Manchester. UCLAN have their Alston observatories only a few miles east of Preston.

I've managed to spot M57 in my skies with the heritage 130 if that's any indication.

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