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A somewhat botched first M42 attemptn


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O.k  here is my first go at this iconic nebula, and only my 4th real attempt at DSO phgotography in anger (well more a huff really). Loads of things went the way of the pear and as a result all i ended up with is around 15 mins of not great data. Did shoot 50 mins of 5 minute subs but they are really awful to be honest. Looked o.k on the laptop in the APT preview screen. Not sure if my polar alignment, not quite sturdy tripod, wind or faulty astrotrac wedge is to blame. Either way no round stars and a bit fuzzy. In reality it was prob a bit of all of them. Still as a simple dip into the AP world im actually fairly happy with some of the detail if not the tracking.

10 x 30s

10 x 60s

Darks to match. Stupidty meant no flats.

Canon 500d (mod) 100-400mm L lens at 400m F5.6 ISO800.


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Thank you gentlemen.

Had the same problems with the same target last night, wind kept gusting, usually four minutes and fifty seconds through a five minute sub :)


I really wish i could put it down to the wind, but in truth its more likely my alignment or the wedge.

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A enhanced version i think. A few of Noels actions to help with the noise, and some spikes to try and mask my odd diamond shape stars a a little  ;)


Now that looks very good!

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