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Huge sunspot! - Jan 7, 2014


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I had a brief view of AR11944 today and, wow, what a sight it was! The sheer size of the main spot, and the complexity of the area :laugh:




7 Jan, 2014
Onyx ED80 / Grasshopper 3 (ICX687) / Lunt 1.25 inch Herschel Wedge / Solar Continuum / UV/IR block

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Thanks, all :smiley:

Helen, I hope you get a chance to view the Sun soon. No luck for me today, but the view in H-a yesterday was really good too, with lots of filaments circling around - a real hive of activity :cool:

Steve and Alexandra, I must admit that sometimes I do forget to flip the image :grin:  This time though I did try flipping it, and preferred the unflipped way around! :shocked:

Alexandra, I wish you could image your awesome closeups at the moment! Hopefully the Sun is saving up some treats for later in the year :smiley:

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Thanks Luke.  I'm hoping for a clear patch tomorrow.  I'll have to take the scope somewhere else though as the sun is too low in my garden for most of the day at the moment.  I suppose I could do some public outreach  :grin:


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