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DSLR Camera help.

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Hi Guys/Gals

I have been searching for a DSLR for my Skywatcher 200P and I was really hoping that I could get a little help.

Budget £100 and under, needs some sort of remote/cable trigger or timer, reasonable megapixels and I am only interested in body only

as with lens would put me over budget for sure, I only want to photograph the moon and camera must have ability for a T-Ring (for my scope - I think)

Thanks for any help given


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You'd be hard pushed to find a DSLR for £100, but there probably is some out there if you look hard enough.

As for a trigger/remote timer, you can use the cameras in built self timer to start with, but you can get remotes on ebay for something like £15.

I would recommend a Canon camera, because there is much more support for software use if you decide to go down that route in the future.

I hope that helps!

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a couple year ago i picked up a Canon 350D with a cheapy 18-55mm kit lens and a

trigger remote shutter , for the grand price of £180.

the canon 300D and the 350D are the oldest about. still a good camera ( 6 -8 mp)

digicII chipset. short falls are 

no live view

iso at a max 1600 

outdated somewhat in technology wise.

all the same you could pick up a cheap second hand DSLR for around the £100-150 mark.

keep away from ebay and the likes, hunt down those small  camera shops in your local area/city/village

have a word and see what they have in stock.

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I think it would be very difficult to find a camera for that price, I suggest a Nikon D5100 camera that have hacked firmware for astrophotagraphy and it has a better sensor then any crop sensor camera from Canon. Take also a look at Pentax, their cameras have also Sony sensor like Nikon and have some astrofeatures built in from scratch. I also suggest a little more expensive Nikon D7000 probably still the best camera for the price. The D5100/D7000 and Pentax K5 does all have the same sensor.

An example with a D7000


You also need a coma corrector with that scope, check my thread here.


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To compare sensors between different cameras, look here. http://sensorgen.info/ I have a Canon 40D on my job and I use it a lot for documentary work, but for astro it has not a sensitive sensor if you compare to the models for much more money then 100£. My Nikon D600 has a twice as sensitive sensor according to a Canon 40D. And those camera models that I suggested have a high QE as well. But I guess my post is a little off topic now, sorry for that I just want so spread the information on the link I just posted.

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I found my old E510 and it has a ring attachment doo daa so just for giggles I'm gonna make a pipe assembly so it can be fitted to the scope.


Thanks for all the info guys, going to hold off buying a camera for a short time whilst I get my head around stuff as I feel more confused than ever before, lol.

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2 years ago I bought a 300D off Ebay for 140 pounds including the 18-55 lens, charger, 2 batteries, video cable and usb.  It was all boxed and like new.  I have seen the same camera, body only, selling for 60 pound on Ebay just this week.  So if you include 10 pounds for postage, it is well within your price range.

     I have been hunting down a cheap 1000D, 1100D or a 450D as a replacement for my 300D as I really want a camera with Liveview mode.  It didnt bother me for the first few months of imaging but the more imaging I do, the more I want to save time by cutting out the fiddly bits that cut into your actual imaging time.  One of these "fiddly bits" is focus.  With a 300d you do not have liveview and thus it takes a while to achieve a good focus even if using a bahtinov mask.  Put simply, liveview will save time.

     Also, my shutter release was only around 3 or 4 pounds on ebay.  I have recently purchased a more complex one that allows you to take exposures of varied lengths and intervals.  This too was only 9 pounds.  So plenty of bargains out there.  I personally have been using auction sites for around 10 years or more and have never had any serious problems with purchases or sales so knock yourself out and grab yourself a nice camera!

     There are also some good webcams ebay at the moment that may be suitable for Lunar Imaging.  Im sure ive seen a couple of logitech cams on there with the adapters for around 30 pounds.

Good Luck!

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