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Equipment for my new Skywatcher 130m

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Hi there,

I've just got my 130m and have been using it to get some pretty nice looks at jupiter's storms and the orion nebula - just to start off with. Just wondering if a couple of things are worthwhile getting and/or available: a bahtinov mask for focusing, a full aperture solar filter, some form of carry case, collimating tools and a couple of BST eyepieces or whatever would be best.

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Hi Joe. Welcome to the forums!

Recently got same scope as yourself. I have a moon filter on order - I'll be mostly looking at the moon to start with.

Will be upgrading the eyepieces as well at some point soon as I've read that the ones included are just 'ok'. Thinking that I'll be able to use the new ones when the scope gets upgraded!

That'll probably do me to start off with. Will just add to it as I go along.


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You won't need a Bahtinov mask for visual observing, they're mainly used to aid focus when imaging.

A solar filter is useful. You can easily buy a sheet of film for about £20 and make one from card.

A collimation tool is nearly essential. Get a Cheshire, cheap lasers aren't accurate.

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that was fast :)

keep me posted on how i goes, tommo.I alrady have a celestron moon filter but haven't hd chance to use it yet with the moon being new and all ;)

I'll definitely get the cheshire and look into solar stuff, thanks cantab :) 

hopefully for all of us these winter storms will cease and we will get some nice viewing conditions :)

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Hi Joe, pretty much the same as already advised, a cheshire collimating tool to start with, a full aperture solar filter, and perhaps a couple of good quality eyepieces later, shuch as the BST Explorer/StarGuiders already suggested.  Don't be in a hurry to get extras, that will come in time, but get used to using the telescope with the equipment you already have, there is a lot to see up there with just the basic setup.  Most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself!

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I've looked into this a little for mine, but most seem quite expensive when you could line a cheap sports bag with foam or bubble wrap for much, much less. I haven't found a purpose built hard case for the 130p. Building one of my own is on my rather extensive list of things to do. I'd be interested to know if you find anything suitable :)

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