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Steve has produced some amazing images and has had his work recently published - as well he should!!

Sky At Night (Coverdisc) January 2008 - M45


(SteveL: Edited thread so each image has one message)

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Date: .......... 20th. October 2009.

Publication: .. Sky at Night Magazine No.54 Issue November 2009.

Object: ....... Carina Nebula

SteveL's account of using the Web Based Global Rent a Scope during the Summer of 2008, with which he captured the beautiful Carina Nebula. Steve describes how to go about getting the use of their various instruments.

Time well spent when the result was the Carina. A most beautiful Object.




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Date: -----------November 24th. 2009.

Publicaton:------Sky at Night Magazine. Issue55 December 2009

Object:--------- North American Nebula.

---------------- Borg 77ED II Astrographic Refractor +EQ6 Mount

-----------------------------------.S/Xpress M25C CCD Camera.

Note: The image in the magazine got chopped.... its missing the right hand 1/5th of the image, with all that nice dark striation patterns.



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Date: ------------15th. January 2010.

Publication: -------Sky at Night CD Rom Disc Issue 57 February2010

Object: -----------Heart and Soul Nebula

-------------------Borg 77EDII Starlight Xpress H36 CCD Camera.

SX H36 Camera kindly supplied by Paxo, making this a joint published image!!



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Astronomy Now, May 2010

Steve has a great shot of M31, taken last year at Kelling, published in the Picture Gallery (p.92).

Fantastic work, as always, Steve!


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