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It can take up to 3 months between submitting images and them appearing in the magazine... but obviously any contact back is always a good sign if they ask for a picture of yourself and a bit more info then its even more interesting... :)

Some months the Hotshots section is "dominated" by SGL members images ... :)


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The whole project in its many and varied forms is one of the all time greats on here. Anna, you might like to submit to Astronomie in France as well. They give large, sometimes double page format, space to images of this quality and generous write ups. I'd be delighted to help with the French.


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I would like to say well done to Anna Morris aka antimorris for getting picture of the month in Jan 2012 isssue of Sky at Night. The image of NAN and Pelican has been one of the best images I have seen this year and has to be a much deserved publishing.

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Well done, Anna. That was a truly memorable and interesting image. And thanks to Barkis and the other mods for putting together this section. It's a lovely tribute to some beautiful images from the learned cradle of SGL :-)

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