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New Stargazer.

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Hi All

Happy New Year from cloudy Glasgow from a new member of the Stargazers Lounge.

Absolute beginner to astronomy and I have just purchased a Sky Watcher BK 1309 EQ2. Any guidance or hints and tips on how to get the best out of the telescope would be most welcome.

I have found the forums very useful so far and I am looking forward to sharing my stargazing exploits.


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Hi Michael, from a fellow glasgow viewer to the skies. You mention you are a beginner in looking upward, but I don't know what level of novice (we are all on that lengthy ladder). I'll assume that your just starting to climb, so tips from someone who is on rung 2. Firstly this forum is an excellent resource for knowledge, and no question is too stupid, from tips on equipment, to what's good to view.  The wealth of information, either through browsing or asking a direct question is both reliable and educational. As for your own knowledge resource, I suggest you look at a free software program called stellarium, then some lititure. Turn left at orion is an excellent book to get your bearings. Not to mention "the sky at night" magazine to give you monthly guides and pointers. If you are looking for a more tactical approach, the glasgow astronomy society hold events in the botanical gardens up on great western road. From this date the next event is on the 28th of January. Numbers are tight for the event, so I'd advice to have a wee look at the web site, google "stars in the botanic" for info. 

Welcome to sgl, and enjoy the journey.

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