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An unusual looking Orion

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Hi All

Just messing around with data really, but combine some short subs of orion using only the SII and OIII. SII is red and OIII is blue. No green at all.

This should highlight the diifferent areas within the nebula, with blue representing all the hot stuff and the reds showing compression of the gas.

Its quite a gaudy image but hey ho, its a bit different. Opinions welcomed

Might take a look at other data with no Ha!




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I was really rushed in that last post. Let me complete it.

Captured back in early Dec with TMB130, QSI583, Astrodon 3nm filters. Taken on EQ6 guided by MGEM.

The Oxygen data was a stack of 3x2mins and the sulphur is 5x6mins. Let me explain the timings.

The regular SII OIII and Ha data was captured as a HDR image. With 2 min subs used for the core.

I was playing about with just the short subs except I pinched the trapezium from the short SII subs and placed them in the longer subs. This didn't work for the oxygen data. Hence the 3x2 for OIII but the longer SII data. If that makes sense.

This was processes to show the detail in the core region. Just playing with data really. Thought the result was interesting.

What does interest me though is this method is showing two different processes in different colours. Compression in the sulphur data and high temperature areas in the oxygen data.

Anyway, critical thoughts of course welcomed.

Hope you enjoy


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