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Home again, home again, higgledy hob!

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The last time I was here I mentined that I haven't been in the best of health. Although I am steadily improving, the stamina for late night, cold sessions doesn't seem to have come back, so although my newt is sitting fully assembled in my shed, It hasn't seen many stars or planets in the last couple of years. I promise to try harder.

I had made a few attempts to sign on over the past few months, and failed the password test each time. Today I tried an obscure little password that was lurking in the back of my memory, and it worked. I thought I had tried it before, but I suppose I may have  made a tpyo putting it in.

OK. Best wishes for a happy and cloud free New Year!

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Hi Warthog welcome back,

sorry to hear your health has not been so good, but nice

to hear your on the mend, it's a good job you remembered 

your password, hope it won't be long before you are back at 

the eyepiece. Please let us all know when you do.

Best of luck and Clear Sky's

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Welcome back Warthog, the author of probably one of the most read posts on SGL :)

I had the pleasure of visiting the Niagara region/ Ontario in the summer there, one of the best places I've ever visited :)

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We were just discussing how much  members were still accessing one of your threads from way back, and delighted with the Info. you supplied.

It really is great to see you back, and we hope you stick around WH.

Hope you are well, and enjoying life :icon_salut:  :icon_salut: .


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