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Orion to the flame with an astrotrac.


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Taken over the last few nights, some most frustrating imaging sessions i have ever had with regards to getting the astrotrac aligned. I sort of gave up in the end and carried on with 5minute subs, however the end stacked image didn't show the trailing as bad as I initially thought it would. 

Just over 3 hours total exposure in the final stack, although I took nearly 5 hours of data, passing wispy clouds ruined a lot of them.

Astrotrac TT320, Modded Canon 1100D, Canon 200 f2.8 L (@2.8) ISO400, Hutech IDAS MFA Filter.

3 Hours of 5minute exposures, and 10 x 30sec for M42's brighter parts.

Stacked with bias and flats in DSS and processed in Photoshop CS2.

I'm thinking of grabbing more data tonight but the last two (2:00AM) sessions have nearly killed me so I may give myself a rest for now..... although I hear the "rosette" calling........hmm.....

Stan :smiley:

Orion to the flame. 1500px by James stannard, on Flickr


Orion to the flame. by James stannard, on Flickr

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Thanks Guys.

I actually rushed the processing of the original image, I had no intention of it being the final version when I started messing with the data in PS, I was hoping to add a few more hours but when I started seeing what was being revealed when stretching the histogram (jaw hit the floor moment)  I got carried away and decided to go with it as a final version allowing me to move onto the next target (rosette neb)

I have reprocessed the 1500px version to give it a smoother finish, The original although exciting with all the colour and detail had (i thought) a very "hard" finish to it especially the stars, so in this 1024 version I have (i think) slightly improved the overall image which although looks smoother actually has no noise reduction and less sharpening too.

others may disagree, either way I'm still learning the black art of Deep sky imaging.

Mods - If you have the capability please feel free to move the new version image back to the top, I can't seem to edit my first post..?

Stan :smiley:

Orion to the flame. by James stannard, on Flickr

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