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Telescope Service 'clone' 127 f6.5 refractor ending soon on Ebay

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Been watching this for a few days now. Doesn't have long to run now and the price is still only £50. These are better than the Skywatcher Startravel series, would make a cracking widefield/deepsky scope.


Would bid myself if i wasn't drowning in a sea of refractors right now.


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As you know I'm more than happy with mine, the review that is linked to on Ebay pretty much sums up my experience of the scope. I also looked at the baffling as it looked suspect to me as well but I don't know how to test for the stopping down mentioned.


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Go on daz when the cuts and brouses heal you wont regret it  :lol:. The only quibbles I ever had about mine was the mount not the scope.

Id Fancy the F7 But I really need some new eye pieces so I'm afraid I will have to give it a miss, oh well.


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Think I'm gonna pop for the second one - christ she' gonna shoot me!!! :lol:

Hope the fact you didn't bid on the scope doesn't mean your wife has taken the law into her own hands....? :lol:

:lol: :lol: No, no. Still here (just minor wounds). Decided against actually - couldn't really justify it just after Crimbo. Gutting really cos they were a bargain :D

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