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GSO vs RevelationAstro eyepieces - order muck up..


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Hi guys

so I was a good boy this year and Santa was kind enough to leave me some nice astronomy related gear under the tree. Very nice too!

Sadly, the couple of GSO eyepieces I politely requested, although ordered by 'Mrs Santa', and which were confirmed as GSO by the retailer via email, arrived as the RevelationAstro equivalents.

My question as a relative newcomer to all this is - are these as good/better/worse than the GSO brand I'd asked for??  :mad:

One first glance (online) they appear to be roughly in the same price bracket, so I'm wondering whether to go through the hassle of exchanging or not?

Also, I'm assuming eyepieces usually come packed in some kind of box, rather than just bubble-wrapped??? These don't appear to have boxes, yet otherwise appear new.

They were bought from a reputable online retailer, not ebay etc.

These are individual eyepieces, not a set per se.

Thanks very much for any advice - appreciated. 


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Think they are the same.

If you purchase TS Plossls they are also GSO plossls.

I expect they came in a plastic tube, bolt bottle (??).

If so that tends to be the normal packaging at that price. The only plossl's I have in boxes are the TV's all the others, 3 or 4 different brands, came in the plastic things.

Revelations are generally good.

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Nothing to worry about. As said before, they are made in the same factory, same optics, just different labels.

I have 3 GSO EPs, love them for the price. And I ordered a GSO Barlow and a revelation Barlow turned up. I asked the same question.

Never had a problem with it.



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Out of interest what size Revelations did you get

9mm and 15mm. Not had a chance to roadtest them yet though.

If I'm happy with them (and they certainly look better than the dross that came with my Dob) then I'll probably invest in a few more over the course of the year.

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