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Jupiter 22nd dec 2013

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Very nice :)  Just started having a go at this stunning Planet myself but im restricted to just my DSLR at the moment.  In the process of modyfing a webcam to have a more luck hopefully.

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Hi and thanks ,it's a work of art with a dslr ,a webcam should be better but unless you have a good. Goto,getting that planet on the chip is wild ,the wind ruined most of the night the images are a little soft


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Yeh i had the same issues last night the weather was wild!  Even worse today.  Looks like no more playing until after xmas now :(  Oh well i suppose i could spend some time with the Mrs instead lol.

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I hope to get another one in soon all we need is this wind to stop and it will be great o and no moon!


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    • By aramitsharma
      One of the best cameras for Ha solar. With a 1/2" chip and large pixels, I used to fit the entire disc with lunt 35. I can still do a full disk with a quark using my TS 60ED and a reducer on the camera nose. This camera does not suffer from Newton's rings so saves a lot of time which is otherwise wasted in setting up a tilt adjuster. 
      Boxed with the cable, probably i have the disc as well, but not sure where in my astro dump it is. Software is available from the website though.
    • By tooth_dr
      I pointed my solar telescope at a small prominence in the hope that it would do something whilst I imaged it.  Because I am new to solar imaging I don't know whether this is particularly lucky, or if it's something that's easily caught.  Over the space of about an hour I captured 18 videos, each of 1000 frames, using a mono DMK21.  I stacked 10% of the frames, and then manually went about aligning and cropping the 18 stacked images because ImPPG didn't like to do it for me.  I also took an image of the solar surface, just to get rid of the white in the image, and add something visually interesting to the solar disc.  I used a curves adjustment to make it orange, and then made a movie in MS Movie Maker.
      Hope you enjoy it!
    • By todd8137
      hi all stuck the barlow and dmk into the 9.25 here the great results (rude of me to say when there loads of great images of the moon and craters on sgl) i did get some great vids to stack we have had a couple a great night jupiter tonight if this good clear skys holds
      1000 caputured @15fps
      average 300 stacked
      registax 5
      light edit ps6

    • By todd8137
      bit more from a frosty last night
      c gem pier in obsy
      sct 9.25
      hd 720* logitech
      some colds hands and i did some other stuff will sort later but for now enjoy these close ups sit at least 3 feet away from yor monitor please to get the full beauty of the moon

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