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Best Astronomy Books For A Beginner?

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Books are difficult, it also depends on your actual knowledge. I like The Monthly Sky Guide by Ridpath and Tirion, the book simply presents information as I prefer it. One point is many books tend to

A small easy guide that I found useful:- Gem Stars by Ian Ridpath, Illustrations by Wil Tirion published by Collins. It has a general introduction followed by illustrations of each constellation toget

Turn left at Orion is a must

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Seems none of the recommendations (other than Norton's Star atlas) will teach you about astronomy.  The others will help you find objects, but understanding the basics of telescopes, stars and galaxies - the how and what is something else.

Dinah Moshe's book:


See also:


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I can recomended turn left at orian for a book but I used Google sky map on my phone for the last 6 months. I think it's a great way to lern the night skys and it's free.

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Any books by phillips ,turn left at orion is ok but it assumes you no a lot to start with let's see why let's asume you go out side now do you now were sagita is ? If no let's take a look at the dso's around sagita from TLAO see below

Now can you see the constellation ? Do you no what part of the sky it's in ? I think once you have a knowledge of the sky yes it brill and I love it but every one said to me get this "must have book " wow when it arrived I still brought other books and apps to help me there's better starter books but this one is handy once you no where the constellation is ect (sorry they the wrong way round )




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My first books were Nightwatch by Terence Dickinson or Turn Left at Orion by Consolmagno and Davis.  They will but you on a good footing to progress - but it all depends on how much knowledge you have on the subject already.


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