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M108-M97 Jan 9th

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This morning cleared up nicely here at round 1 ish the temperature was a very bearable 4C with no noticeable dampness in the air, unfortunately I was too late to image the horsehead which was to be the target so I turned the scope round 180 degs and went for M108. I was 20 minutes into this dso and surfing the net to see what M108 should look like when I stumbled across this site http://icehome.in.cnr.it/icefalls/Astro.htm , (A very interesting site for me and anyone using a Canon dslr for imaging) I noticed he had got M108 and M97 in the same frame so I duly Stopped what I was doing and went owl hunting. It took but a couple of minutes to get both into the frame and here's the result of just 1 hour's worth of subs.


Object, M108, M97 owl neb

Subs, 12x300sec @ iso 1600

Image scope LXD55 SN10 on an EQ-6 Pro

Guide scope ED80-Pro and QHY5 cam

Camera Canon 350d + Neodymium LP filter

Stacked with Maxim dl

Proc with PS CS2 and Noel's actions


(click to enlarge)

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I agree that turquoise owl really gives it appeal!

BTW what was the f/l on your imaging scope?

Must have been pretty low to capture both DSos?

The SN10 has a focal length 1016mm @ f/4 so quite fast. Thanks for the comments folks.


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