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The two Meades seem to be smaller aperture than your current scope so I don't think they will really move you forward in the hobby, optically at least.

What are you aiming to achieve with your upgrade ?

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Hi John I wanted to aim for a 'go to' scope to track and get some better views of planets, I find with my current scope I am constantly adjusting it to view 

objects obviously due to the constant movement . I also want to have ago at some photography.

Plus they are just with in my budget...

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Jules suggestion is a good one. The problem with very small aperture scopes on GOTO mounts is that, while the mount may point the scope at a certain object, you won't see much of it due to the limited aperture of the scope !

You don't really need GOTO to find the planets though - they are easy to find !

Tracking is useful though, when viewing them.

Try and stretch your budget to a 127mm / 130mm aperture scope if you can - they have enough aperture to offer a good performance boost over your current scope. 

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Yes I will have a look at that as I want to think forward to looking at deep sky aswell this is the trouble with this hobby you want to see 

everything but it is not as simple as that......I will take your thoughts onboard ...

Thanks John.

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