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Wooden rotating observatory

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Does it come with the clear sky included ?

Anyone seen one of these in the flesh? Look interesting alternative to a dome and maybe a bit less conspicuous. Might be a bit snug in there.... www.observatory.uk.com

Looks quite pretty, but I can imagine being in there for four or five hours, forgetting that the entire thing is rotating and discovering that the door won't open when you want to leave because it's u

Brenda before you make any decisions make sure you have them provide details of the floor plan and height inside - some of these buildings may have cross members, trusses in the roof, that limit your scope height.  What about being able to view past the zenith, is that important to you?


Thanks Jim for your advice and i'll check the internal arrangement for supporting the roof. Regarding the zenith I'm not really worried about that as I don't want to do meridan flip and all that entails.

I have been speaking to Martin Braddock and he has had a purpose built obsy. It's the same shape, but the top rotates and the roof splits open - it looks very impressive. The cost is £5,300 so I am also looking to build an extension onto my garage 3x3 mtrs with a 2x2 mtr sliding hatch in the roof. I think a dome will attract too much attention where I live, but until I get a quote from the builder I'm not sure what to do. One thing I do know is I need a obsy as it takes too much time to setup every time I want do Astrophotography.

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have you seen the new shed at Sunderland Astro. if you have a word with Harry he can give you the information of the supplier we used. It could also be scaled down a bit if required. 

Hi Michael, I didn't know we had a new shed I thought we just had the main Observatory. I'll pop in to have a look at it, maybe on Thursday. Thanks for the heads up.  :smiley:

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