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6 in 1 power station, Avonmouth police auctions...


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    • By SStanford
      Hi All,
      I have a couple of questions regarding an appropriate USB hub for outdoor use.
      I have my eye on the USB hub here and the USB A to USB B 5 metre cable here which will allow me to operate my mount and cameras on the balcony from the comfort of my living room.
      My concern is that the 5 metre length of the USB 3 cable will cause connectivity issues, does anyone have any exprience with this? I'll be connecting the following to the hub:
       Canon 450d  ZWO ASI 120MM Mini USB 2.0 Mono Camera  EQDIR USB Adapter for Sky-Watcher EQ3 Pro  COOWOO Lens Heater (here) To keep the hub close to the OTA I'll need to set up power supply as close as possible, therefore outside. I've done a search on Amazon for Driboxes and I believe the one here would be best for simply housing the 3-way extension lead. Does anyone have other suggestions for keeping power supplies protected from the elements?
    • By Colin Bourchier
      Hope you are all well. 
      Trying to set up my new telescope and mount.  I have a EQ3 Pro - Synscan.  I have a wall plug that provides 12v 3A 36W.  Will this be enough to run the slewing and synscan system with hand control connected?
      Thanks in advance for any help on this.  Can't wait to star getting some good pics.

    • By AntHart
      *any mods  - not sure if correct section to post? - feel free to move if not 👍🏼
       I’m looking to power a mini pc/Intel NUC whilst out in my camper van.
      It will need 19v , upto 5A
      I have a big leisure battery setup (220ah) so powering it isn’t an issue.
      Trying to find some sort of 12v to 19v 5A converter is...I’ve seen cheap ones for a fiver and those buck converters but I’m not trusting that to power an expensive PC 
      Is there anything like a Pegasus pocket power box that has a 19v DC (smoothed and reliable) output anyone knows of?
      Even a ‘branded and reputable company’ made 12v to 19v laptop charger maybe?
      I know many will reply saying why not just use a laptop????
      This is a mini pc designed for acquisition AND editing.
      I could just buy a laptop yes, but £ for £ they are over priced and underpowered, last around 2 hours until needing a charge and I don’t need a screen as I have a 27inch monitor/tv already installed in the van (luckily enough this takes a 12v DC input so no messing around) 
      My current home pc isn’t suitable for editing anyway so my plan is to build a system that is capable of doing the job of a cheap acquisition stick pc/mini pc and also powerful enough to edit.
      Intel NUCs are brilliant for this job...I can use in the van to get the data and easily take inside once home to process.
      i could build a do it all NUC for around £500 ...a mini pc for acquisition and then a full desktop pc as well for editing would be at least a 1/3 more.
      If anyone has any experience powering something like this directly using a converter .. Or even uses a 12v DC car laptop charger that outputs 19v and is reliable please let me know.
      How do you guys power laptops if using out in the field/star party’s etc without a mains hookup? 👍🏼

    • By Vladimir Sharpie
      So I have an ETX 70 but I would much rather not use batteries, would prefer just connecting straight to the wall. Was wondering how I would go about that, there doesn't seem to be anything now-a-days because of its age. Thanks for any help
    • By Piero
      What is your experience with the small Tracer 12v lithium batteries?
      My new manually driven dobson will have a mirror cooling fan and, although I might not using it, I would like to think ahead about potential power sources. 
      What are your recommendations for a small power supply?
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