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Vixen-VMC110L mount

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Hi Guys  just looking for a bit of advice here.

I have been looking at upgrading my scope for a bit now and saw this baby it says that it is ideal for photography as well as viewing so

would it be possible to get a  tripod with a tracking setup to go with it 


Regards Carl

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yes it would but what kind of photography do you intend to do with it? its a long focal length slow scope  so its only really good for lunar work and I would suggest its too small apparture to even do very good planetary imaging. I used to have a nexstar c5 and that produced planetary images but nothing I felt up to the standard to show on here. This scope is even smaller. Its a great little grab and go scope but thats all

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Sorry I havent answered your question If its for visual it should fit fine on a nexstar se mount


In fact it should fit on the 4/5se mount


and if you want a tracking eq mount anything over and including the eq3 will be fine

if you are going to try imaging anything other than planets and lunar you need at least the heq5 it is after all a long slow scope

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