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Jupiter and NGC2392


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Last Night the Temperature dropped into the 20s for a second night (Cold for you Florida Snowbirds, Warm for my Windy city former neighbors) here in DE. It was very
clear though although seeing was about a III-IV out of V.
I set up with my C8/Vixen 70S combo.
Early evening I viewed M34, Triangulm 6, Almach, NGC 752 and M38 as AUriga was rising above the trees (ca 21:30). Then went back out after midnight and checked out Beta Monoceros. The C8 was having trouble with steady resolution and the same was true with Jupiter both at 180X(11mm Nagler) with a 15mm Panoptic the view steadied and had moments of very good resolution of surface details. Then went back to the 70S at 3.7deg 13X(32mm Plossl) and noticed a familiar U shaped asterism that I had seen close to NGC2392(Eskimo Nebula) a year ago and sure enough looking a little closer I could see it in the same view. So in spite of the cold I had to try a sketch which is attached. The view with the C8 and an 11mm Nagler was also fantastic as the seeing seemed to steady. Jupiter is in the upper right hand corner and NGC2392 is at the center. After packing up and studying my sketch I realized I should have tried a 2 deg field which still should have included Jupiter and the Nebula. I'll check again with the next clear night/probably after Thanksgiving."


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Thanks Brian,
It is my third or fourth go at sketching. I've been meaning to do it for some time. From the results of other that I've seen I really need to work on technique. But last night was one of thos magical moment s and had to record it in some wat.
The sky is not so great here but once in a while we get a good night. This happens especially in the Spring and fall when the weather becomes cool. On the minus side it is cold but on the plus side there are no mosquitos.
I know now I can see Beta Monoceros visually quite easily and that is about magnitude 5 low in the sky(that is a crude estimate but one I can think of now> But it is nowhere near what is possibly in the southwest or even some areas within about a 2 hour driving distance from here. It must be great where you live.

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