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A few November moons

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A few moons from the past couple of weeks. Mostly 4 pane mosaics with the C11 and my 60D and single frames. Still working on my phase piece (bottom) so have had to pop out and grab what i can when i can! I'm about 1/3rd of the way there  :grin:






Apologies they're all quite small size, my internet at home is awful and i can't upload large files. I do have a 60 million odd pixel 24 frame version of the last one, which is interesting! 

I like colour in my moons, so apologies if you're in the saturation police. There is a cost of noise, but for now i'm happy with it. For the final phase piece i may reprocess them all at a more raw pale/white. But for now with the large versions, i really enjoy the look of the coloured versions, they look dirty and earthy, especially the later waning/waxing phases. It's a different perspective.

Thanks for looking

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