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Jupiter 23.11.13 Very Good Seeing


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I need to get this posted whilst I have an opportunity as my internet connection keeps dropping!! We have had a problem wiith the landline for over a week now and today all of a sudden the internet came back although the phone still doesn't work??

Anyway this image came from the 23rd and at points during this session the seeing was very good. I have around 160gb of data but I think this one is going to be one of the best as far as I can tell. I was amazed at how well the blue channel came out (attached), in someways it looks better than the red to my eyes. 

Probably my best Jupiter to date I would say, the mono cam now really starting to show its worth. Now hoping for the same weather and seeing for opposition.

WIll probably keep playing with this data for some time...lets face it, very good seeing in the UK doesn't come along that often!!





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Very nice. Really crisp images there.

Thanks Scott!

That's the best image of the king I've seen so far this year , great work ...  :laugh:

The jetstream took a little wander away from us which undoubtedly helped matters.

Many thanks Steve!

Stunning detail  :headbang:  :headbang: 

What frame capture exposure / gain settings did you manage with the channels in such good seeing?

The blue channel looks amazingly clear  :smiley: 

Thanks Crescent Moon!

R - fps 100, Exp 10ms, Gain 79%. G - fps 100, Exp 10ms, Gain 79%, B - fps 66, Exp 15ms, Gain 85%.

Wow Pete what a result the best images by far up to now,& a fantastic blue channel too, well done mate!

Cheers Simon. Your last imgages were great, keep up the good work.


Thanks Michael.

Wow, excellent image!!  Ohhh for a bigger scope!

It looks like we were imaging at the same time, my image was ten minutes before yours, at 02:23UT.


Thanks Angie. Yes I noticed the time on your images. It was so nice to get really good conditions at last!!

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Wow Pete. That is really something. You can always tell when things are great when the blue looks good. And that is a great blue. I haven't had seeing like that here, Hope I do. That is gobsmackingly good. What Focal length Pete ? and resize 1.5 ?

Many thanks Neil. It's always great to receive such good comment from you.

Yes the blue really surprised me. Up to now the bule has been not much more than a fuzzy blob!! I've started analysing the quality of the captures just by looking at the blue channel in the hope that the seeing was stable across the red and green.

Focal length was 6.7m. I know Darryl would normally say 6m is optimal for this cam with its small pixel size and I have been using very close to 6m up to now but I wanted to see if I could up the FL a bit as I thought the conditions would enable going longer. I'm glad I took the chance to find out. 

Drizzle 1.5 and downscaled to 80% capture size.


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Thought you must have something pretty tasty Pete and you've not disapointed us great shot! The bar has been raised a few notches here with that intensity of detail.

Sent from my 9920 using Tapatalk

Cheers Stuart! Hopefully we'll get a few more good nights and really be able to make the most of the high elevation we are blessed with in the NH with Jupiter.

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ps: I really don't know what I'd normally say Pete , being someone who isn't, & doesn't even like "normal" :grin:...but looking back through some of my files some of the best outcomes have resulted from f/l's anywhere from 5700mm up to 6800mm making me "suggest" that the optimum f/l is whatever supports the clearest/sharpest/most resolved or detail image at the greatest scale for any single imaging session.....the "suck it & see" principal - and one very basic reason why I made a variable amplification setup for my imaging. :) 

Of course, seeing mostly restricts us to lower limitations..... :(

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Looks like some nice data here for sure Pete - I reckon it'll be the subject of a few more processings by you and I'd like to see your final processing! :)

Cheers Darryl.

Yes quite a few more processing runs as I think a lot of us do.

Will try and get something posted once im satisfied its the best I can do with the data.


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