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Battery Boxes and PSU

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Hello all,

I am rejigging my powering options.  I want to build a battery box and also a mains PSU operated option from a Maplin PSU.

I am going to get a 100A leisure battery to power my entire imaging shebang and get a Stanly box and adapt it.   It will need outputs for mount, dew heater, filter wheel, CCD and laptop (I would always start off with  full laptop charge but that is gone after an hour).

Could someone share their experiences of building such a box please with so many outputs?  Immediate questions I have are:

1. Does the RED +v12 need EVERY output to be fused?  I imagine so.  What fuse for each type of output?  And do you just fuse the +ve?

2. I hear some say that the mount should not be shared on the same output as the rest of the stuff.  How do you go about doing that?

3, My panel for my flats needs 240V (it gets taken down to 90Vac by teh transformer).  How to power that form a 12v battery?

Also a mains powering option.  A Maplin PSU has the 0 and 12V rails.  So do you just take a busbar off those rails, attach sockets to it and you're away?  Or should each socket be individually fused again?  I think the latter but just checking what folks have done.

I have seen some threads here and there but no-one seems to discuss how successful their box has been.

Appreciate some thoughts and pointers! :)

Rgds, Steve

EDIT: This seems to be the most useful thread I have found on the subject.

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These two:  http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/57620-105ah-powertank/  http://www.astro-nut.com/gel-cell.html  are also useful.  You should have the fuses in the +ve and decide on values suitable for purpose, eg an NEQ6 takes 2A when fast slewing (as far as i know) and therefore a 3A fuse would do the job.  Your laptop is likely to draw between 3A and 5A so a fuse above this rating would be OK.  For the lappy you can buy bespoke "in car chargers" for them - these simply plug into your 12v supply and will run the lappy for hours.  If your flat panel must have 240v then an inverter would do the job - but only for that (there is no point in stepping up to 240v with an inverter and then stepping down again unless you really have to - you loose a lot in ineffeciencies of the transformers).

if you use a PSU for a few things then it would be worth fusing each, again with a relevant value fuse for each item. 

YesYes has a pretty nifty power supply box on the forum: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/110740-power-and-data-box/?hl=+yesyes%20+power%20+box

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I have the same one as linked above. It is the UK version which is almost identical. Highly recommended. HERE 

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The ciggie lighter plugs are all fused, so I didn't bother individualy fusing my 4 outputs. I just used a fused relay with a 15a fuse fitted.

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The most important fuse is one as close to the battary terminal as possible (I suggest you solder one end to terminal) this does not protect equipment seperate fuses do this, but it protect everything including the battery from a short circuit. The battery is able to supply 100s of amps and would cause wires to melt and possible fires. Fuse value can be several times maximum amperage but must be there.

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I recently built a very similar box to the one you are intending to build.

I used a similar battery and Stanley tool chest (they was on offer in B&Q)

I insulated the bottom with HD polystyrene, and used MDF to fashion a base.

My wiring from the battery goes to a n isolator from there through a 30Amp fuse to a distribution box, from there to a 6 way fuse holder and from there to the outlets. Also all 12V plugs for all equipment is also fuse, belt and braces I know, but you can never be to careful.

I also included as part of the build a 12V battery conditioner, keeps battery topped up at all times. at this end of the box I fitted a 12V fan and vent just in case any battery fumes would build up.

I am currently working on a 4 way dew controller which which will be fitter above the outlets. I have attached some pictures, I hope this may be of some use to you.


Outlet side of box, 5 x 12V outlets individually fuse, and a Volt Meter plus main on off switch


Rear of box showing fan outlet plus on/off switch for fan


Inside top of box, battery conditioner plus storage for laptop and bits and pieces


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Pushed the wrong button...

Box  for cables etc


Inside where the wires are...

Pictures are not very good but I hope you get the gist of what I have done

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