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Anybody used / owned a Revalation 42mm Eyepiece.

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As it says in the title , have you had experience of this eyepiece.

I know its not up to the standards of the Big Brands but i i do have to budget as i am saving for a nice Refractor.

Is it worth £40-£50 ???


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I had one for a short while and frankly I was dissapointed with it. Optically it was OK (I was using it in a C8) but I don't think the field of view was as wide as advertised and the build and finish quality was quite mediocre. I ended up selling it for much less than I paid. If you could get one for £20 or so it might be worth a punt as an interim I guess :D

After the 42mm I got a Rigel 38mm 70 degree (actually a clone of it) which was much better in all respects IMHO. Ian King sells these for £59.99 -> http://www.iankingimaging.com/show_products.php?category=98

I have seen them for £50 elsewhere I think but I can't remember where :rolleyes:

I may have had a bad example of the 42mm of course - other Revelation stuff I have tried has been good.


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imm last relpy seams strange? was it a duff? i had the same size and found it maybe not a super eyepiece but well worth is full price, i moved to meade 5000 super wide but £400ish

Well it might have been a poor quality example but I also had a 30mm Revelation at the same time which was not great either. I found the 38mm 70 degree SWA ep that I also mentioned in my post better both optically and mechanically.

That said, Telescope House still stock the Revelations and they don't generally sell poor stuff so maybe mine came from a sub standard batch :D


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