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the science of doctor who


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Professor Jim Al-Khalili is by far the best presenter of science. Brian Cox is OK, but does tend to be a little patronising and occupy the screen too much. And then there's that Richard Hammond guy with his 'How To Build A Planet' ...which I just found nauseating as he seems to just have to make some wise crack every 5 seconds, which even the scientists he was with seemed to find irritating.

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I've posted this elsewhere already, but I think, in common with his previous lecture, the programme was not well edited.  There are several continuity errors suggesting that the programme was not presented in the same order as the original lecture.  I get the impression that it wasn't edited by someone who actually understands, or even tries to understand, what is being spoken about.


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I thought it was pretty good. Some abstract concepts put across as simply as they can be. Nice to see Maxwell's equations get a second airing in the space of a  week (also featured on Light and Dark pt1).

Maybe the Beeb should consider a series of Div Grad and Curl for beginners? - And an "after dark" series on Tensor Algebra, for when the kiddies have gone to bed.

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