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New Meade DSI 2

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Hmmm that looks like a quick upgrade to combat the Orion Starshoot Deep Space Imager. Still lacks the Orion's peltier cooling and will be more pricey to boot....no thanks! And as Jamie already said, a Coxy modded camera is an even better bet.

Meade seem to be playing a lot of catch up. What with the other thread running about their ED refractors....hmm 2 years in development, more like 2 years too late!

Good old Meade!


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Only a clone eh?

Just out of curiosity what can mine do that yours can't?

What i mean is this "only a clone" is a bit of a loose term

considering they are probably identical and made in the same factory.

I always assume (maybe incorrectly) that the "big" companies would generally get the best scopes from a factory or ones that had gone through an extra round of QA/QC. If I bought Meade/Celestron where a clone was availiable that would be what I'd hope I was getting. Having said that I'd rather take my chances, it's better (cheaper) to make sure the dealer has a returns policy.....

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I've just found out that Teleskop Service do an extension bar for the CG5, as soon as the financial dust settles in the new year I'll be getting one. I've got one for my EQ6, but I tend to use that for the Newt, they are pretty much essential for refractors, eh?

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