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Help with Photography

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I have guidemaster software and it can stack 10 pictures at time into one picture and then i will be using imagestacker to stack all those stacked pictures ! 
Or should I stack a lot of pictures into one, directly by using imgaestcaker ? 

What all should be the setting of the  software ? 

Today is full moon will it be ok to do photography today ? 

and do I need to change settings for photographing moon ? 

And how many photos should I click to make a perfect photo ? 

I mean do I need to have  a lot of pic (like 100 or 200 or more) to get a perfect photo with nebulas or a lot of star or something in deep space? 

And any suggestions what all other softwares that I can use?

And I am going to do it from my webcam !  

Therefore  I am not thinking of getting wonderful clicks ! 

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Hi there. You don't say what mount you have. You need to have a tracking mount to do decent astrophotography. It's usually suggested to start with the Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro as that's quite strurdy and can be set up for autoguiding for long exposures of deep sky objects. Let us know what mount you have and we can start from there!

I would also suggest you buy the book 'Making Every Photon Count' by Steve Richards as that's the imaging bible and will really help you decide what you need to do.


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If you are hoping to do this with the scope in your signature don't expect super high quality astro images.  However, using a webcam you should be able to take video of the moon through the telescope and then stack the frames in suitable software such as Registax.  To get images of deep sky objects you need a fast astro dedicated CCD camera or a digital SLR camera and a scope that is mounted on a precision driven mount. 

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I have a regular mount which is provided with the telescope mentioned in my signature ! 

I tried taking a lot of pics and stack them ! I took some of Venus and Moon ! They look so unprofessional ! As Malcolm said I should not hope much from the telescope I have ! :D 

Well I need a dedicated webcam and mount for it, and a telescope too which i'll buy later ! :) 

Thank you Alexxx and Malcolm ! :)

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If you are seriously thinking about getting into images then brose through the threads or search for related topics and you'll see the kind of scopes and mounts that are required to get decent images, all of which will cost upwards of £1000 GBP

Alex and I both have a 200P on and HEQ5 pro mount, same guide camera and similar cameras


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