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NGC 7129 + 7142 - Almost 11 hours (AG12) of faint fluffy stuff and a cluster in Cepheus


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Time for a target I've wanted to image for a long time, but totally forgot during last seasons window of opportunity: NGC 7129 & NGC 7142 (+ some PGC galaxies and faint red nebulosity)
Thanks to the fov the AG12 gives me, I managed to squeeze in both the nebula and open cluster in one shot, which made a very nice couple! The stars that illuminates the nebulosity around NGC 7129 is supposed to contain over a hundred stars aging less than a million years, and in this business that's pretty darned young! I went for 1 hour data in each color-channel, that certainly helped to pull out some of the red background-nebulosity between the two objects, something I didn't know about before processing... At first I thought it was my flats that had gone old, but after several "start-overs" I finally realized it was actual data and not bad processing that caused the diffuse red streak in the background, also visible in other shots I found online afterwards. A nice bonus!
This might be the last photo you see from me for a while, I'm heading over to the States for a few weeks in december, + I've started a photo-project for which I'll probably need around 40hrs of data :p What happened to the days when I was super-stoked of having as much as 60 minutes of data on just one target?
ACP + Scheduler
Date: 2013-11-10
Telescope: Orion Optics AG12
Camera: QSI 583 wsg-8
Mount: 10Micron GM 2000 HPS
Guiding: Unguided
Lum: 157 x 180 / 471 minutes
Red: 19 x 180 / 57 minutes
Green : 20 x 180s / 60 minutes
Blue : 19 x 180s / 57 minutes
Total time: 645 minutes / 10.8 hours
Best Regards
Jonas Grinde
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loving the colours in the stars...wonderful stuff

Cheers Scott,

I worked really hard trying to preserve the dynamics and variation in the star colors while at the same time boosting the saturation. I'm glad I spent so much time on collecting the data, it certainly paid off!

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Many thanks, all!

Additional info, pixel-scale: 0.98" / pixel

New version up with less blue in the background! Note to self: remember to measure the color-levels with the computer instead of my eyes, especially when processing for hours in a streak

thats a super image. i feel DBE in PI could do a better a job on the background getting it more neutral looks a tad blue to me.  great job on the processing though

Thanks for the heads up on the blue background, I've been sitting way too long with the image to see that it actually was blue:P

I tried DBE but due to my inexperienced handling it wrecked havoc with the rest of the background, killing the faint red nebulosity and introduced some gradients...

Instead I just added a curve-adjustment in PS, moving the "blue low-clipping spot" inwards, decreasing the blueish tone.

Was it enough, or was I too careful?

Best Regards

Jonas Grinde

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