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8.5mm konig eyepiece with no writing except for 0 + or - binocular marks

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Hello and good day.

I purchased a used advertised as a  8.5mm konig 1 1/4" eypiece.   said they had refurbished it..

The eyepiece has absolutly no writing on it. nothing to say what focal length it is as well as no name brand title.  But what it does have is the + to - markings for eye focus compatibility..

Is this a konig or what?

I know when I inspected it, the lense you look through at the top is absolutely filfty..  they say its rebuilt. yeah right..  

I have a fast f/4 scope and after I cleaned it well enough to look through, the eye relief was horrible and could not get it to focus clearly..

anyway.. they said they would take it back and refund my money. But I am wondering if they even sent me what they claim it was. I think they should pay the return shipping..

any and all issues you want to chime in on please do.. thanks..

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Without photos of the eyepiece it's really difficult to work out what it is. The markings on it suggest that it might have come from a pair of binoculars. I know that that some binoculars use eyepieces of the erfle design so I guess it's quite possible that some used the konig design as well.

Even if it is a konig, it will not be well suited for use in an F/4 scope. Konigs are nice at F/8 and F/10 but suffer from distortions at the edge of the field of view as the focal ratio of the scope gets faster.

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I'm guessing that you bought this through eBay ... right? If so then you are fortunate that they are willing to refund although recent(ish) eBay rule changes mean that if the item is 'significantly not as described' - which this patently is - they are obliged to refund on pain of being suspended for a period of weeks or even months. I agree that they should refund your shipping costs, but whether they are legally required to I couldn't say as I'm not au fait with US distance selling laws.

There is a slight chance that it has been refurbished, but was then chucked on a shelf and completely forgotten about until it came to light again some time later and they decided to get rid of it. On the other hand it is far from unusual for 'refurbishers' of all manner of goods to simply clean or polish an item and claim it has been refurbished or overhauled. Con artists all of them!

As for eye relief it's usually a sign of a cheap & nasty eyepiece. At least one of mine is bad in that regard although the view through it is pin sharp. I really need to get a few better ones; which I intend to do as soon as practical. You should have seen the layers of filth that I had to dig through to get down the reflective surface of the mirror when I got my 'new' Newtonian back home. Mind you, I bought it round a Junk (flea to you) market for under $25 so I expected a few teething troubles.

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Tight eye relief is just part and parcel of some eyepiece designs, it's not an indicator of a poor quality eyepiece per se. Some of the very best eyepieces actually have quite tight eye relief but the owners put up with this for the exquisite quality of the images they produce.

If you can get longer and more comfortable eye relief and great quality views then thats the ideal combination though :smiley:

Konigs in the shorter focal lengths (8.5 mm is a shorter focal length for a konig) do have short / tight eye relief. It's just a characteristic of the optical design.

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thank you for the input..   It definatley has a very short eye relief,, and miserable focus and is really dirty lenses..  all the signs of a quality refurb..  yeah right.. 

I find it strange it has no markings on it for brand whatsoever.  could be it was used in a pair of binoculars and someone just happens to know the manufacturer that provided the eyepieces for that brand of binoculars..     the guy advertised it as a 4 element eyepiece..    hard to tell that I am guessin unless one takes it apart.. 

anyway, it is going back. I am waiting for him to agree to pay the return shipping or I will start a "did not recieve correct item claim"..  

keep em accountable.. 

thanks again...

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I have an eyepiece of similar specs, bought some time ago from Bill Vorce at Telescope Warehouse in the US.

Cheap n cheerfull. Can't complain at the price it cost me, roughly $18, new. Body is 'homemade'. I haven't any old notes regarding optical quality, but it is at least decent from memory, eye relief is tight but usable, but bear in mind I have no trouble with pinhole ER eyepieces.

The other 2 'pieces I got at the same time, a 12 & 15mm konig in 0.965" format have better ER and again from memory, the 12mm was the pick of the bunch, optically.

All the above had clean glass, with no noticeable defects or dirt. I'll need to dig them out of my astro cupboard and give them a go again this season.

Have a look at his site and see if it's the same as the 'piece you have.



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I checked out the konig at the warehouse. Visually it appears to be the same. however I can't see the  focussing marks that were present that appears to be from binoculars.. The gentleman agreed to give me a full refund and provide return shipping too.. for the same amount at warehouse I could have had a brand new one to try.. well within a buck..  but as I say the one I had, the eyepiece lense looked as if it sat on a shelf and collected dust and grime for at least a decade..  I had to use a lense cleaner to clean a hole to actually try the eyepiece out.. After seeing how dirty it was and that it was supposed to be a brand new refurbished unit, obviously something was up..  But I think it is clearly true, that fast scopes, f/4 in this case need exceptional quality parts and or a design methods in hig res eye pieces..   When I looked through the konig I could nearly feel my pupil hitting the glass. well you know what I mean.  I look forward to trying a super high quality  hi res eyepiece such as a telvue or etc on this little scope so I can compare to the views I am getting with my baager with 2.25 barlow.. Which is pretty dern nice to me, with nothing else to really compare it with except for my experience with that konig.. I will say though, that the 15mm meade plossel I purchased is a nice eyepiece but I don't think I can see any improvement over the baager at same magnification..  I am very happy with the baader so far.. 

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