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It's a great combination of scope and mount for both imaging and observing. In terms of value for money it's one of the most cost effective. I know several people who get on very well with this combo - absolutely no problems supporting the ota with the NEQ6, and about the largest aperture of newtonian you'd want to put on it for imaging. One of my mates uses a 250P/NEQ6 with good  results - but he is restricted to breeze free nights. Only to be beaten with a much more expensive refractor imho. Get the dual speed version and you'll probably want coma correction too.  :)

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The Skyliner's longer focal length will give excellent planetary views and higher magnification, though at F6 it will be a little slower than the F5 Explorer 200P/PDS.    The SW Coma Corrector would reduce this to 1080mm f/l and F5.4.

I do find the tube rings and synta dovetail a rather marginal on my 200P and have stiffened this up with another dovetail on top - though better mounting hardware is near the top of my current list and this will be more noticeable with the longer OTA.

The dual speed focuser is certainly very handy, though I upgraded my my standard single speed focuser with the Lacerta 10:1 conversion that performs very well, with some minor modification.     However, the Baader steeltrack or moonlight are very worthwhile upgrades for heavier imaging loads and electronic focus very handy.

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Thanks for the replies. My thoughts were that the 200 Dob would be good for DSOs'. With regard to planets, moon & star clusters, the Evostar 100ED which to be honest was my first major impulse buy, should hopefully perform well?

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Hi SnakeyJ,

Sorry for just barging into this thread but couldn't stop myself when I saw that also own SW 200PDS with HEQ5Pro. In fact I am also planning to go for this but I would really appreciate if I can hv a first hand reviews and comments from you on this OTA and HEQ5 Pro mount. I want to be doubley sure before I close the deal.

Warm regards,


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