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Calling all "80mm" APO fans.. help deciding on one.

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I kinda "force" my Astrotrac with my 102ED on top so I'm out shopping for something more appropriate... an 80 mm :)

FPL53 is a must for both doublet and triplet.

It will be used for astrophoto and visual g'n'g.

After tons of reviews and articles I came with a very shortlist.

And here comes my indecision, since the tubes are more or less "identical" but labeled by different companies.

-triplet represented by

Orion ED80T CF

Astro-Professional APO 80 Carbon

TS 80mm f/6 (not Carbon)

Tecnosky Triplet FPL-53 APO 80/480

-doublet (more or less alike) made by

TS 80/500mm

Altair Lightwave 80mm F6.25

The budget is 1000$ (~800e) not a cent extra :)

Altair Lightwave doublet and AstroProfessional triplet are my favorites, but can't decide which.

thank you

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My APM 80 mm F/6 is a clone of the TS, and it is a cracking visual performer. Haven't used it for imaging except lunar and white-light solar, where it works very nicely. I got the APM one because they had a nice offer, and they have good quality control before shipping

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Yeah, this is also a concern of mine... quality control and collimation.

That's why I oscillate between Altair and AstroPro, the shops checks before ship.

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If your considering Imaging you will need to take a reducer / flattener into account.

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Yup, flattener and everything taking into account, I just have to decide about one of those OTAs.

I am already imaging but my 102mm apo puts too much strass on my astrotrack, and not realy a g'n'g :)

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Just out of curiosity, how come the Altair Wave 80 wasn't on your list? Or is it the same as one of the other trips on the list?

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Wave is over my budget by 400e.

Budget is 800e, not a penny more :)

There are a lot of 80mm out there but I 'm usually "stick to the project" guy.. I dont drift away or tempted :)

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Just ordered this one
Identical to Orion 80CF but less expensive + a small discount for paying in advance smile.gif
Cant wait to look at/thru it, only if the 2 month fog will let me...
My first triplet.
I have another AstroPro (signature)and I enjoined it, but CA in photos is too strong (it is up for sale now).

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I would never decide on the glass specification, only on the results posted with the scope.

Of course, I'd advise the Tak FSQ85 (a scope I worship) but I'm a bit sad so please excuse me...

:grin: lly

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      Currently I live in Italy so that's where it can be picked up or shipped from. Price is negotiable however Stellarvue says it is worth around $1200-$1500 USD. The nice thing is you wouldn't have any VAT from Stellarvue . Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or are interested.
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      SV105-3SV Specifications
      Aperture: 105mm Apochromatic Precision Triplet Focuser: 3" Dual Speed Focuser with 2" and 1.25" eye piece adapters F Ratio: f/7 Focal Length: 735mm Color Correction: Excellent Minimum Tube Length: 16" in travel mode Tube Diameter: ~ 4-1/8" (105mm) Dew Shield Diameter: ~ 5-3/8" (137mm) OTA Weight: ~12lbs (5.4kg) Retractable Dewshield: Yes

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      Celestron  travel scope 70
      Bresse r Classic 70/350
      Skywatcher mercury 705 70mms.
      I understand that these telescopes have limitations, but they the only ones in my price range.
      Any comments or advice would be welcome.
      Chris P
    • By MakeItSo
      Hello All, 
      I have a quick question. I am thinking (very loosely) about the possibility of a small APO for wide field views to piggyback on my CPC 1100. I am interested in recommendations. At the moment I am not planning on AP. 
      I can see that there is a huge range in prices and to be honest I am looking for something thats reasonably decent quality (circa £500 - having no experience with APOs I really don't have a sense as to whether thats quite enough or not really enough). I had looked at the Orion Carbon Fibre 80mm f/6 APO Triplet but its just a bit too much money. 
      Please advise...
      And many thanks. 
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