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First Light Trius SX674C with Altair Wave 102 - Pacman Neb


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This is my first light with the Trius SX674C combined with Altair Wave 102.

Three hours of imaging at zenith but avoiding a meridian flip.

18 x 10 min subs

Guided in PhD
Captured in Maxim DL
Stacked and Processed in PI
Slight tweak in PS




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Very nice Doug, im going to ask anyway but was this a OSC capture ?

Im doing the very same target right now in NB with an Altair as well :-) but the baby 80.

It's a great object to see on your screen Doug, look forward to seeing more of your work keep it up.

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Thanks for your comments.

This was a OSC.

I'm working on star reduction within PixInsight.

I would love to do LRGB, but work gets in the way, so OSC gives me quicker results.

When I retire in the distant future, I'll move away from OSC.

When do we expect to see your NB image

I'm currently working on processing 3 hours of Bubble Nebula at the moment.

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Hi Doug i may & try to get it done tonight IF it stays semi cloudy otherwise i will be collecting more data.

I understand completely RE OSC, horses for courses & all that, i guess i like a challenge as i went for mono (sometimes i wish i hadn't :grin: ), tbh i didn't even notice your stars but i see what you mean, i still havn't looked at doing star masks etc but i'm sure with the present weather there will be plenty of time to learn.

The Bubble is a great target i'm sure you will be chuffed with what you see.

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Thanks for your comments.

Olly, my time constraints are more working away from home or leaving at the crack of dawn to get to work.

I agree that mono would be quicker and produce a better image, but I like a bit of colour.

I recently purchased the Trius SX674C and Ian King did try to persuade me to go mono.

Now I've got my set up working after a year of issues, I didn't want to add a filter wheel at this stage.

Kirkster, I don't think the focus was out as I'm using a Lakeside Focuser without automating the process and using Maxim to achieve the lowest FWHM value. I think the stars are slightly bloated and I'm trying to master star control in PI.

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