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11 Messiers and the Double Cluster before Dinner and the cloud!

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A quick trip around Mars.

I started with M45 - what a cracking cluster they are! then off to M103 at Cassiopeia. I then moved on to the Double Cluster - haven't seen that or M103 before and was very impressed - as usual. Then down to Auriga for M36, M37 and M38. M37 is my favourite I think. Then a quick stop at Mars before M35 and then back up to Perseus to M34. Then a quick duck inside to stop the kids murdering each other - then back outside. Night vision was a bit off after the trip inside. I then looked for M31 and was very surprised to see it so clearly - very very impressive. I haven't seen it that good before. But the icing on the cake was seeing M110 and M32 as well. While I was on a roll I thought I would have a go at M33. The night vision was coming back quite well so the search began. A bit of star hoping later I then got it in the 25mm eyepiece - absolutely stoked!



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Well the cloud has set in and covered up some of the most awesome things I've ever seen. For the newbs out there I fully recommend taking a look at M81 and M82 if you haven't already, they are brilliant and very easy to see. M81 looks like a bright fuzzy ball and M82 looks like a bright fuzzy strip with a shadow in the middle (like a bit missing). They are easy to find off Ursa Major. The best thing was looking at them in the 25mm eye piece and seeing both galaxies in the same FOV, simply amazing. The bit I find absolutely fascinating is that the light took 12 million years to get from those galaxies to my telescope - well those ancient photons have burned an image in my head I will never forget.

While I was out there I also had a nosy at M108, that was extremely hard to see - adverted vision and then just a hint of a fuzzy blob - in fact it was so faint it could well have been my imagination- I'm pretty sure I saw it though - might need bit more aperture for that one.

I also viewed M42 and M78 in Orion. M78 was not very bright and only barely visible. M42 was it's iridescent usual self.

To sum up a great evenings viewing - got out there early due to the forecast predicting cloud (and for once they were right!). The list:

M45, M34, M36, M37, M38, M103, M35, M31, M32, M110, M33, M42, M78, M81, M82 and M108(maybe) and the double cluster (and not a GOTO in sight)- what a great hobby! :rolleyes::lol::D:(:clouds1:


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I love reports like this! You had so much fun and without goto - I could not do this but you must feel well rewarded!

I love clusters and the Double is my favourite. I know what you mean about M37 though - stunning.

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