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Neglected double

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Gamma (γ) Arietis

This appears to be a neglected double (on the Lounge at any rate) though it’s well worth a look and not difficult to find.

According to Google it was last mentioned on Stargazers Lounge in January 2012.

I decided to track it down after finding a scribbled note reminding myself to look for it. No idea where I heard about it in the first place.

I am using a Vixen 80Mf for its portability factor but some fainter doubles I’ve found rather disappointing. However, I was not disappointed by Gamma Arietis which appeared as a bright white pair of stars at x 45 also x 100.

Next on my list is 59 Andromedae (Struve 222) and Struve 79, also in Andromeda. (from www.theskyscrapers.org)


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I sketched this last night for the first time although it is a double I have seen previously. Coincidentally, I was using a Vixen 80M f11 frac too. Using my 11mm TV plossl at 81x it provided a lovely view. I do find that a 1mm exit pupil or lower on most scopes provides wonderfully tight stars with airy rings. With regard to tighter doubles etc. I do agree this scope is not close to the performance of a large dob but stars are lovely and colourful as well as being points of light so it's just a different experience and for doubles like this it's a perfect match.


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Nice sketch Shane. I'll have to look that one up next clear night :smiley:

I agree with what you say about refractors giving a different observing experience from newtonians. Not better, not worse, but different and enjoyable for that :smiley:

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As it was mentioned here I took a look at Lambda Arietis last night in the same scope. Another easy split and the sketch is below. The colours might be slightly exaggerated due to my lack of editing skills!


Also 14 Arietis


1 Arietis


Tau Σ110


and Ari Σ742


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The first clearish sky for so long.......!

I got my ED80 out and had a look at a couple of the above. The Moon being so close and the mist meant that I had to use the setting circles to find them!

Gamma Ari - very nice, equal pair. Slightly different colours to me: one yellowish white, the other slightly blueish white. very easily separated as pinpoints.

Lambda Ari: pretty, again slightly different tints, maybe yellowish and v. slightly blue. Despite the poorish seeing, again pinpoint stars.


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Chris the Moon glow with mist can make finding things very tricky :)



.....but at least it provides a yellow-white background "palette" to judge star colours against (assuming the light reflected from the mist is the same colour temperature as the Moon and Sun ie 5800 K)!

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