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Upgrading my gear to take better photos

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Hey guys,

I currently have a couple of scopes (a 10" Skywatcher Dob, and a 6" Orion EQ mount). Neither of which are any good for taking photos. At best I can get a 1" exposure on the dob, and never been able to get the tracking to work properly on the Orion, so all of my photos are taken at a really high ISO to get any depth, but naturally that brings much unwanted noise into the picture.

What I'm looking for is something that I can use decent exposure times with, and portable. I don't want a huge behemoth with guidescopes, laptops and cables everywhere, since I am always mobile. I never use the scope at home.

I'm not expecting hubble quality images, but I am looking for something better than I have. I don't have fortunes to spend, so I will have to sell all my current gear to help fund this.

Any suggestions?

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If you want portable then the astro trac is the way to go. There are several smaller mounts that can track but have to keep the weight to a minimum. Like the CG-5 with an ED66 and a DSLR.

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You say 6" Orion EQ mount - if the problem is you cannot get the EQ to track then I would say you have to work it out before you do anything.

AP is really based around using an EQ mount, so swapping one EQ mount for another if you cannot get them the track is pointless and a waste of money and time.

Portable means different things to different people - are you carrying everything or is it going in a car?

The astro trac is fairly costly and you still have to have a tripod/mount for it.

If it was to be a complete change then the basic equipment I would consider is the EQ5 with dual motors, and a short refractor - look at the TS or WO 70-72mm offerings. An EQ5 with goto may help and once set it will locate, more or less, objects and it has then the option for guiding if the weight is kept down - think OAG here.

Problem as ever with AP is that you could want to upgrade again, that means better mount and scope - where does it end?

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You say 6" Orion EQ mount - if the problem is you cannot get the EQ to track then I would say you have to work it out before you do anything.

"Work it out" in what sense?

I have the Orion Accutrack SVD, I set the scope in the centre of the mount to point to Polaris, set the Accutrack to "N" for northern hemisphere, RA at 55.7º, fresh battery, no matter what speed I set it to, objects disappear out of the eyepiece at the same rate. What else do I need to "work out"?

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...besides, there is another fault with the Orion, the focuser won't go in far enough, so the camera will never focus...

I will look into the astro track. Seems the best option for me.

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      I would like to share my third image.
      I finally had a "lucky week", since my last session, December 18th. I managed 5 clear nights out of the past 6 (has to be a record, at least for me and my area) and I was able to finish a couple of projects I had started long ago and start a few new ones.
      This is M33, also known as the Triangulum Galaxy, taken over 10 nights, under my Bortle 5/6 home sky.
      Total integration time: 10h 14m 00s.
      Here are the acquisition details:
      Mount: Sky-Watcher NEQ6 Pro
      Telescope: Tecnosky 80/480 APO FPL53 Triplet OWL Series
      Camera: D5300 astromodified
      Reducer/flattener: Tecnosky 4 elements, 0.8x
      Guide-scope: Artesky UltraGuide 60mm f/4
      Guide-camera: ZWO ASI 224MC
      2020/11/08: Number of subs/Exposure time: 11@240s. Notes: L-Pro filter, no Moon
      2020/11/09: Number of subs/Exposure time: 10@240s. Notes: L-Pro filter, no Moon
      2020/11/20: Number of subs/Exposure time: 15@240s + 4@300s. Notes: L-Pro filter, Moon 30% illuminated
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      2021/01/10: Number of subs/Exposure time: 9@300s. Notes: L-Pro filter, no Moon
      2021/01/11: Number of subs/Exposure time: 15@300s. Notes: L-Pro filter, no Moon
      Total exposure time: 36840s = 10h 14m 00s.
      Pre and post-processing: PixInsight 1.8.8-7.

      Image was Drizzle Integrated and then cropped to original sensor size (6016x4016), without resampling. So, it appears as if taken ad double the focal length (768mm instead of 384mm). Image scale 1.04 arc-sec/pixel.
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      Thanks for looking!
      C&C welcome!
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      Hi guys, hoping you can help with the tracking problems I'm coming across with my astrophotography setup. I've been using it since August 2020 and have kind of put up with the problem until last night where I think it's getting worse...
      Specs below (let me know if you need anything else):
      William Optics Zenithstar 61 II (360mm F6.1) - Zenithstar 61Adjustable Field Flattener iOptron SkyGuider Pro Camera Mount Full Package K&F Concept Aluminium Tripod with 2kg weight Canon EOS 250d (cropped sensor 1.6x) The problem:
      I take roughly 40 pics with each being 1 minute long at 1600 ISO and stack them on DeepSkyStacker. From a few people I know on the internet, it seems as though, with a very similar setup and same focal length, they can get around 3 mins of exposure with no problem. And that's without a guide camera.
      With my 1 minute exposure, roughly 10 of 40 images are reasonable but the rest have star trailing or double stars (see attached downscaled, unedited pics of Orion nebula)
      What I think it could be:
      My first idea was the tripod, it's not the best but it's not cheap plastic, and it should be fine for a 1 min exposure. Then I thought it could be the iOptron tracker that could be faulty?
      Every screw has been tightened, there's no play in any of the adapters/mounts.
      I thought I'd post this here to see if anyone else has the same problem or has more experience/knowledge that could help. Also to see if there's an obvious problem before I spend hundreds on a new tripod or send the tracker back for a replacement.
      Any help would be much appreciated!

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