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What Binocular Type To Get?

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the great advantage of bins is their portability getting a large pair negates this advantage as you then need a stand or better a p mount. I would get the the largest pair you can hand hold comfortably that is 10 x50 at a push or 8 x 42 which are then useable for daytime viewing

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I've tried assorted bins and like the ease of hand holding the ones in the 8x42 range. I don't find 10x50 any brighter but I do find 8x gives more stability when hand held. Anything over 10x needs support and, maybe, defeats the purpose of bins? For low powers you can pick up small refractors for not a lot (About £250 for an old  TeleVue Pronto, for instance) and these can get down to 15x.


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Olly, not having bought decent binoculars yet your point is well taken about the 8x42's. I had those Celestron monster 15x 70 binocs but returned them due to the unsteady images I was getting and felt strapping them onto a tripod sort of defeats the purpose of something portable! I'll take your advice on my next pair.

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