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I found your website by accident when searching for a telescope I am considering buying.  My wife recently gave me a camera and I've been loving taking pictures of sunrises, the moon, star fields, etc.  Naturally, I want to take closer shots of the moon and would like to expand into other planets and nebulae.

So, first of all, does anyone know if the Celestron Nexstar 90GT can see such things?  I believe it was Munkie who had purchased this-- what has your experience been with this so far?  I know it's a cheap telescope, but like Munkie, I don't want to spend too much on my first telescope. 

Secondly, I'm wondering what the logistics are of connecting my camera to this telescope.  My camera is the Sony NEX5r which has interchangeable lenses and I believe I saw there are connections to connect this to a telescope.

What experience do people have with either of these pieces of equipment?



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Hi Rick and welcome to the forum. If astrophotography is going to be your interest within astronomy, may I suggest that you get a copy of Steve Richards' "Making Every Photon Count" which will explain to you in a straightforward way what kit you need and more importantly why you need it to take good consistent images. It is important to have a good overview first before buying any imaging kit so that you become aware of what you are letting yourself in for - they don't call it the 'Dark Art' for nothing. In fact the book might well save you money in helping to avoid buying the wrong kit as scope that are great for visual work are not necessarily ideal for imaging work. You might want to post a question of on the imaging sections as there is a lot of experience there and they might not see your questions here within the the welcome section.

Clear skies and hope you will enjoy participating in the forum.


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Welcome to SGL Rick. The recommendation of 'Making Every Photon Count' is a sound one if you are interested in astro imaging and want to take it further.

Look forward to seeing you around :smiley:

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Thanks for the book suggestion... I'll look into it.  

I'm not sure if the book makes camera and scope recommendations, but I'm pretty set with my camera and won't be replacing it any time soon.  As for a scope, money is tight (baby due <32 days) and it would have to be something inexpensive.

I don't really want to purchase the book if it's not going to account for astrophotography on a budget.  lol.  

Anyway, I'll check it out and see what it provides.

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The book is well worth the money it will stop you buying anything you dont need as far as a scope is concerned as the book will tell you that is the least important it is the mount you need. Get the book read it and save up.A warm welcome to to SGL by the way.

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