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Hello from Suffolk


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Hi folks,

After looking around on a few astronomy forums, this one certainly seems to be the friendliest to new people like myself. There seems to be some snobbery and clicky groups on other forums, so I decided on this place.

A TRAVELLER 76mm Telescope was bought as a present for me at Christmas (please dont laugh :lol:). I know its a very basic scope, but at least I can familiarise myself with the basics of astronomy - and it has sparked my interest in the subject.

Ive not had a chance to use it yet with the sky always looking dull and cloudy. The scope itself is mainly metal with minimal plastic, and the equatorial mount seems especially solid. Ive looked around on a few telescope web shops, and the mount looks exactly like the one on the celestron Firstscope 90 EQ.

Anyway what a smashing forum this is. I wish you all a peaceful, and happy new year. Cheers! :rolleyes:

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Welcome to SGL Astropongo, you're right, this is a very friendly forum and people are very quick to respond to questions and will happily give any advice on anything you need help with.



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Welcome to SGL Astropongo, and don't worry, no one will laugh at you, unless you tell a joke that is, and there is a joke thread running now.

There is loads of help here for you if you need it, just put any question you have in the beginners section, and you will get lots of replies with the advice that will help solve your problem.

Enjoy your stay, and a Happy New Year to you.

Ron. :rolleyes:

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Welcome to SGL Astro.

SGL is a great place to be, very friendly community here

On top of getting a copy of Turn Left at orion and downloading Stellarium try and get hold of a Planisphere. They can be picked up at any decent book retailers like Waterstones.

Enjoy anyways.


Happy New year everybody

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Hi astro,

Welcome to SGL, the help you can get from these guys is truly remarkable, a valued addition to any newbie like myself, and the steps forward i have taken since joining is fantastic. you are in safe hands i can assure you!

welcome on board!


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