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sun observing


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Hi all with all this cloud we have been having i was thinking about having a go at the sun, was going to get some of this 

Baader Astro Solar Film A4 Sheet do i need to get it to fill my 8" scope or do you just cover the little black hole on the scope cap???

  cheers wayne

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If you decide on the Baader solar film just make 100% sure there are no pin holes - I spent ages making a holder for the film, never having taken it out of its sleeve. When all completed, i checked it using a torch in a dark room and it was riddled with tiny holes. Needless to say i binned it - if I'd ckecked it beforehand it would have saved me a number of wasted hours and not to say a few quid!

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I have myself am only just started looking into Solar viewing.

Tbh!  From what I have gathered so far I think you may, as I already have, underestimated the amount of commitment it takes to get any decent solar viewing/imaging.  Perhaps my OCD is getting in the way, but I do like to live on the edge of what I know.

Health and safety features high on the importance criteria, everything comes with a caveat, and rightly so.  I can't imagine myself pointing my humble scope towards our home star for a few weeks, probably months yet, certainly until I understand the physics better.

I'm probably being over cautious... but am really looking forward to do it properly, there are loads of folk here will help, that's for sure.

Merlin66 being a bit of a guru!

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