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Hey guys. A really newbie question but as with these types of hobby you either know nothing or lots :p

How do you tell when the moons going to be in view? Not like phases but cycles.

Am I being dumb or is there a way of knowing where the moons going to rise without an iphone app? I want to try my hand at taking a few snaps but I don't know what time the moons going to come into view etc...

This may be really simple, or may not.

Help... I'm too new to all this :p

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Search Engine, "Moon Rise Times 2013".

The internet is a useful thing, search engines make finding things like this easy.

Stellarium also gives it.

As pointed out a low tech diary usually has them in, also good for writing down what you observed on the moon, no batteries required, no loss of night vision, good for keeping a dated record off any astro observation.

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Google "skyviewcafe" for a great little alternate ephemeris. It has the night sky moving in real time of course, and one of the tabs has the moon phases and rising/setting times. Check out the insolation tab also which gives you times and levels of darkness by date, and the world map is interesting too - it shows the shadow of sunlight and nighttime as it drifts across a map of the Earth. :)

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Thanks guys I had a search and ended up spending about a fiver on little apps lol.

They all do pretty much the same thing just some better at planets, others better at stars :)

Got a good shot of the moon last night :) going to try something a little more distant over the weekend if I can catch a hour without clouds ;)

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