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Venus cloud animation

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Here's a two hour time lapse of the clouds on Venus. Its made of 8 x 15,000 frame AVI's stacked in AS!2 and processed in PixInsight.

ASI120MM camera.
Astrodon UVenus UV pass filter
GSO 10" f4 modded for prime focus.
Televue 5x powermate.
Celestron CGE mount.
Captured with Firecapture.

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Is it cloud movement or planetary rotation over two hours! Excellent image whichever and certainly worth following up.

Regards from Dave.

Venus rotates once every 243 Earth days but the clouds circle once every four days.

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Fantastic animation!

For other similar images of Venus I'm not always totally convinced that the subtle cloud details are real versus enhanced artifact - but 100% convinced by your image :grin:

Time lapse looks the way to go for Venus! 

Unless the UV is very indistinct, I think the UV is pretty much 100% of the time real. Especially when Strong patterns are captured. It would have to be pretty damn subtle for it to be artifacts  And even then I suspect a lot would still be showing UV cloud. Rarely, and only very very subtle markings may not be genuine I think.

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