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My observatory build (felt left out :p)


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After a long break from doing anything with the shed I'm going to have a day at it tomorrow. I have a question though :)....

Will a 4' x 8' opening be enough in your opinion? I'm only using a 150pds and a small frac so will be able to get the pier high. Anyone using a small opening like that? Trying to keep costs down and use a sheet of 18mm ply that rolls off. Any help much appreciated :)

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6'X6' here and my roof is 11mm OSB with heavy duty felt, nailed and glued at the joints.

My roof is flat with a slight cant to one side and is two sheets of OSB 2400X1200.

This gives me a nice 9inch overhang all round, the roof frame is 70x45mm C16 treated timber.

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Thanks. I have room to do 6' x 6'. Sounds more logical, guess I might as well do it right first time for the sake of an extra 30 quid. Should be fun tomorrow cutting the existing roof out with a jig saw :s these clear skies have have me my second wind. Loss my enthusiasm with all the rubbish weather!

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Well done David, I've just got mine to a workable stage but like you I have a list of finishing touches.  I'm thinking that the finishing touches will be ongoing!  Here's wishing you good use and plenty of clear skies.


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